We've been in the music industry for 15 years, we just love what we do.

About Us


"Mariachi Palacios is a group dedicated to represent the music of Mexico in the City of New York, New Jersey, as well as its neighboring states. It is a heritage passed down from generation to generation in order to convey all the joy and feeling of Mexican music. Mariachi Palacios, we come from a Family of Musicians which carries Music in the Blood. Thank you very much for visiting the page of the Mariachi Palaces and we are waiting for your contract to Brighten Up Your Next Party."

We have an extensive repertoire of songs for every special celebration such as: Birthday Serenades, Fifteen (15) years, Songs for mom and dad, Songs of love, Marriage serenades, Masses, Funerals and other social events. Our experience is reflected in the quality and good customer service.

We are a company dedicated to providing musical entertainment services in the style mariachis, aimed at bringing fun to families who love this musical genre, ensuring punctuality and quality to all their social gatherings.

Being mariachis is not common, it is a blessing from God that we carry in our soul, that we must respect & represent, every drop of blood that runs through our veins represents the sounds & syrups that our ancestors have left us to fall in love with the whole world.

Our professionalism will give your event the elegance it deserves. We will provide a cheerful and memorable entertainment. Our performance will adapt appropriately to the event you organize. We guarantee that we will give you an event that will last in your memories.


An entertaining and respectful show, ready to animate your party with that special touch that only we can give it.


With voices tuned for an excellent musical performance, endowed with good presence and properly uniformed.


Your musical orders instantly as we have a wide repertoire suitable for all types of meetings, parties or events.


The best musical service with the quality and experience that characterizes us, for an excellent musical performance.

Our Services


We will offer a great variety of proposals so that you can choose our favorite themes and indicate when you want them to play. We are professionals with experience and passionate about music, which create a fun and romantic atmosphere.



We have an extensive repertoire of songs for every special celebration such as: birthday serenades, fifteen (15) years, songs for mom and dad, love songs, marriage serenades, funerals and others for your social events.


The Serenade Service is very attractive for those who want to take only one detail to their loved one or for those who want to take the romantic serenade or simply for the pleasure of listening to music, it is a cheaper option but never lacking in quality.



It is common to give to our loved ones what they enjoyed in life and in this way accompany them on the way to the Christian burial. There is a usual repertoire in this type of events but the mariachi will always be open to playing what he liked most to the person to whom a tribute is paid.

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areas covered: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut